Pro Sites (Network Activated) only visible on main network menu

As the title indicates, I have Pro Sites network activated, but it is only visible on the main network menu, not the primary (only) site menu. I've taken the time to create levels, select modules, payment gateway, and pricing tables, but there is no way for Pro Sites to output any of the pages. I'm sure this is user error, but help would be appreciated.

  • Luís

    Hi Dave ,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Pro Sites only works on a network level, so, it's only visible on the network admin panel.

    By default, Pro Sites creates a checkout page called "Pro Site" (/pro-site), where you can select the level, check the pricing tables and signup to a site. You should access to it going to "".

    Also, you can check it in the "Pages" section of your primary domain or on Pro Sites -> Settings, clicking on the "Edit Checkout Page" link.

    I tried access to your admin panel, to see if there is any other option that can be conflicting with this, but I was unable.

    If you still having issues, could you please revoke and after regrant the support staff access again?

    Cheers, Luís

  • Dave


    Thanks for trying to help. Unfortunately, there is no "/pro-site" page. I'm guessing part of the problem stems from the lack of information in the "Manage Sites" tab. No matter what I try to put in any of the three fields, nothing saves.

    I revoked and granted access again, so you can check it out. The site in question is my secondary site installation for the WPMU DEV dashboard.

    Thanks again,

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