Pro Sites: No option on signup page & control appearance of upgrade sales page

Hiya – long time user of wpmudev but different username!

Firstly and completely unrelated, I made a bit of a cockup when paying for my membership. I wasn’t quite with it and paid the $79 for Pro-Sites only for 3Months rather than the $79 I intended to pay for the 1 month for everything. It must have been the G&Ts which I reverted to in order to soothe wordpress headaches! Is there any way I can get this switched?

In regards to the Pro-sits plugin issues I’m finding.

1) I’m not seeing the pro-sites upgrade option on my signup form. There’s not much more I can add other than it should show based on my settings, and it’s not!

2) Is there anyway I can control the sales page that appears when people click on ‘upgrade’. If necessary I’m happy to dive into the theme files, but particularly for this page I’d like to remove my sidebar (or add a unique sidebar for this page) and also remove the ‘author bio’ box that I usually have at the bottom of every page. Of course if I’m able to tweak some of the colours to suit my theme, that would be a great help too :slight_smile: