Pro Sites Not Creating New Subsite Or Taking Payment.

Hello, I have Pro Sites network activated and Stripe set up as the payment gateway. When I try to set up a site from the frontend as a user would do, I enter my username, site name, email, etc. and then click reserve name. The payment page loads up fine where I can enter my CC information, however when I do that and click "subscribe" the blank CC payment form is reloaded without any notifications that the sign up succeeded or failed.

I looked on the backend to see what it did and didn't do.
- A new user is created correctly and I can see and edit the user.
- NO email is sent out to the users email.
- NO new site is created
- NO payment is made (Now this makes sense as there is a 14 day free trial I have set up, but I am not sure if there should be a customer created in Stripe or not... just hope that info helps )

I feel like this is one of my last hurdles before getting this project live so any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!