Pro Sites not working – payments not extending expiry

I have had issues with Pro Sites ever since I started using it in August. It is still not working properly and I am at a loss for what to try next.

Currently, the most concerning issue is that I have had a client on a monthly plan via PayPal. I received their payment as scheduled; however, Pro Sites has not extended access for this site and the customer received an auto-email with an expiry notice. This is terrible customer service on my part as the customer has indeed paid.

If you want to look at the logs, the customer in question is blog ID 61 and I have granted support access. I just logged into my PayPal account and I have verified that I have indeed received payment (on Feb 10th). This customer has been in my system for many months and all worked fine up until now. I have not changed anything that would have caused new issues.

I also still have the ongoing issue of trial periods not functioning (Pro Sites is not scheduling the proper dates with PayPal).

I am also having new issues where people are telling me they are trying to sign up for a site, but get a blank page instead of the sign up page.

I also had a customer this week have their site expire, and when they tried to login to pay they could not access anything.

I don’t know if all these issues are connected, which is why I list them all just in case.

What can I do so that Pro Sites works properly? I am left having to manually add sites and manually invoice customers – defeating the entire purpose of Pro Sites in the first place.