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Please bare with me as I'm fairly new to this. What I have is approx. 100 domains in which I would like each domain to basically offer what does since that is the example stated in the Pro Sites plug in description so I think Pro-Sites will be the way to go.
What I would like is to have people be able to create their own blog on the domain of their choosing so that is why I think Pro Sites is a better choice than Multi-Domains plug in. What I would like to know is do I need to install and configure Pro-Sites on each individual domain? If so is there a way to clone that install? Or is Multi-Domains an option? Is there another possible solution?

Sorry for all of the questions (perhaps I have used my quota of question marks for one post? dang it I can't escape them) Anyways thanks in advance to anyone willing to take some time and chime in on this and feel free to let me know if my explanation is a little foggy or if this question(s) should be posted elsewhere.

  • Arun Basil Lal
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    Hey @tjlanz

    Welcome to the Community!

    First of all, are you looking at creating 100 individual networks? Or 100 domains that are part of a network?

    In either case, you would need to install a WordPress Multisite . Pro Sites is made for Multisite only.

    If you want 100 domains to be part of an individual network, install, Multisite + Pro Sites + Domain Mapping. You will be creating sub-sites and mapping them to the Domains using Domain Mapping.

    However, if you are looking at creating 100 networks, install Multisite + Multi Domains + Pro Sites + Domain Mapping. Users will be able to choose the main domain and have sub-sites like and and so on and map them to their own domains using Domain Mapping.

    I hope this helps :slight_smile:

    p.s: There is no quota for question marks on a single post as long as they are all related to each other. lol

  • tjlanz
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    Thanks for the reply. However, since I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer I need to ask a few more questions if I could. First off I honestly do not know if I want one network or 100 networks.

    Are both of the options you suggested under one install? For example I go to and I can then choose one of the hundred domains to have my site on (it looks as if that is what Multi Domain does)? I think your second suggestion is more along the lines of what I am looking for, but here is how I see it:
    -person goes to as the main site
    -they can choose;;; etc to create their site on
    -they create site

    Am I seeing this correctly? Thanks.

  • Byrappa
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    As @Arun said, if you have installed Multisite + Pro Sites + Domain Mapping, then lets say I can go to and register myself for a blog, and then choose if I want it to be called as either or, or or Any one of them.

    (I think I should be able to create more than 1 blog in the future, and again choose one of the domains, however, I don't remember testing it ever, but I feel it is possible). Hope this helps, :slight_smile:.

  • Arun Basil Lal
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    Hey @tjlanz

    If you want the user to have option to choose what main domain they want (like / / you would need Multi Domains.

    Both the above combinations I mentioned uses only one main install. Its all part of the same network.


  • tjlanz
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    Thanks for all of the help!

    Now since this requires only one install does that mean with buddypress just the main site - has buddypress installed or will all of the sites (,, etc) also have buddypress installed on them whereby would have it's own buddypress or would just have the only buddypress install?

    I hope this makes sense! Thanks.

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