Pro-Sites Only offer paid blogs possibility?

I have the same question as another in this forum:

"Can I only allow Pro members? Meaning, members must pay to use Pro Sites. Else, the site will not be active; in other words, I'm not offering free site."

He was given the answer that Pro-Sites is not for that, instead to use Membership. I however fail to see how membership has anything to do with Blog creations? Seems like it's just for content/memberships like the S2members plugin?

Besides I need the Stripe payment integration.


  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there Nick,

    Membership had an option in there to limit the amount of blogs a user can create, so free members could be set to no blogs, whilst a premium member could create more.

    I guess this ticket you refer to was a while back, it's not something we tend to push so much now.

    Pro Sites is getting some updates, one where you pick your subscription levels on the signup rather than post signup.

    Right now though the only option is the Paid to Blog module in Pro Sites that I believe you saw. They will still be able to get a site with this enabled, but the site can't be used until payment is received. Just in case you missed that it's:

    Admin --> Network --> Pro Sites --> Modules/Gateways.

    It would take a bit of work to make this how you need it, if it's urgent you'd unfortunately need to hire a developer:

    Or alternatively as I mentioned, we're working towards making that process on the signup form instead. There is no eta for this right now though, you can expect to see a major version of MarketPress (not far off) before Pro Sites.

    Take care.

    • Nick

      Hello there,

      Thank you for your answer.

      Another thing I want to ask you about - is there an easy way to customize the Checkout page? I mean, this is probably one of the poorest integrations of a checkout site I have ever seen in a paid plugin.

      I read earlier posts in the forum that 800-3000+ lines of code was neccesary to change this. God knows how much that equals to in paying a developer.

      You advertise the plugins for edublgos in a way that makes you think you can easily set something like that up yourself, but in reality you can't do anything like it unless you are a 5 star developer or have 2000$ to pay a developer to get something similar.

      I find it very misleading

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Nick,

    Hope you're well today! :slight_smile:

    We are working on a new checkout experience for Pro sites, there are also available filters for the plugin like here

    To customize the output of the checkout table. You could also use a pricing table plugin and then link through to the pro sites button.

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

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