Pro Sites: Order of the Levels

I'm getting ready to get into the sandbox with Pay Pal and Pro Sites but noticed something different in the Pro Sites documentation & images on the plugin page. I've set up Level 1 to be the cheapest and Level 2 to be more expensive. From what I can see, I have done it backward. Whats the correct way?



    Hi troykd,

    No worries there, while the videos/screenshots might portray the level listings one way, there's no requirement to have it that way. So there's not really a right or wrong way or order to list them in.

    It really just depends on how you'd like for it to work.



    Hi David,
    How is that going to work? Doesn't the higher level inherit all of the functions... plugins, themes etc of the lower level? If so, then it would matter the order they are set out. Which is the correct way?



    In Siobhan's tutorial @
    it states..

    Edit level 1 to be your lowest level. On Pro Sites a level will have access to all of the features for its number and for all of the numbers below it. So 1 has access to 1, 2 has access to 2 and to 1.

    The screenshots & header graphic on the prosites plugin page
    show it the opposite of above. The video on the plugin page is the same as Siobhan stated.

    Which is it?



    Thanks for pointing out the screenshots, troykd. I see where the confusion is coming from now and sorry I misunderstood the thrust of your original post.

    You're right, you'd want to setup the levels from the lowest level upward, though it should be very easy to change them, you'd just need to alter the levels at Network Admin > Pro Sites > Levels.

    I'll have a look at clarifying that in the instructions and screenshots.



    Question...If I set it up from the lowest level (cheapest plan first) then the more expensive plan displays first, which is not intuitive and aesthetically pleasing to a potential customer. Make sense? I need to enter the more expensive plan as level one for it to display in the correct order for the customer. See images for example.
    How do I get images to display in ascending order and still have the levels work properly?


    Greetings Atlanta

    there is no way to change the order of the plans on the front end that I am aware of, the order they show on the front end is determined by the order entered in the back end - though it may be possible to manually change that order in the database files.

    Though of course the choice is yours regarding the order, on our production sites we like it the way it came out in basically reverse order.

    If we can be of further assistance please let us know.



    Yeah, it would be nice to be able to choose the order in which the plans display without having to mess with the wp-config.php file every time. Hopefully this gets integrated into the plugin's back-end UI.

    Thanks for the tip!


    Hey Atlanta & Rone,

    WordPress never messes with your /wp-config.php file. That would create havoc on so many levels! Not sure how you installed your WP site, but if you've ever looked at the actual download zip, you'll only find a /wp-config-sample.php file. On manual installs, this is the file one would edit and rename to wp-config.php.

    Hope that helps on that little bit of issue!