Pro-Sites page does not list levels


I have problem try to set up pro sites, and i before use supporter and beta stage pro sites module. But since last update chekout page does not list levels, and links only content what i write to it.

Can anybody help how to debug this situation. (i try to remove page etc, but no success)


  • willy
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor


    I don't understand your question. The checkout_url (pro-site-setting) is one thing, and other thing to include this information on signup page.
    The checkout url is appeared if you click pro site menu in a blog, also if you are already use any pro site level.
    I (think) clearly understand (maybe) how to work this plugin but now, i haven't enough time to debug myself this issue.
    I need help how to debug why don't list levels on checkout_url.
    Issue detected on version: 3.0.9. Now i upgrade to 3.1


  • willy
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I'm disappointed again, my support request started a week ago. I have no time to debug this bug, what is related maybe in upgrade and wrong/not used data in options. But no official answer my support request again. Only one answer received what is totally not understand my first post, and does not understand the pro site module.
    WPMUDEV does not support really or search this answer for myself again?

  • willy
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    Self support worked again! Thanks Dear WPMU team :slight_frown: i spent 4 hour to learn pro-site terminology 1 hour to get information from ugly code (sorry) and 5 minutes for the conflict problem to other (also WPMUDev) module (i spent 5 hours with work just because WPMUDev members can't help how to debug for 5 minute real work).
    If anybody also in trouble, please contact directly. I don't want write the solution here. (i really upset)

  • Kimberly
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    I am so very sorry we dropped the ball on this!

    We are in the process of training up new support (like me!) to help out. Your thread got buried in our list of unresolved issues, and that should never happen. I'm afraid we are undergoing some growing pains :slight_smile:

    I can understand your upset. I hope you will give us another chance to show you how grateful we are to have you here :slight_smile:

    I can also understand you not wanting to share your final solution, however if you could provide some information on the bug or conflict you found I can promptly pass it on to the developer so we can avoid any future issues. WPMU really believes in it's users and their feedback.

    Best and Thank You for being part of WPMU,


  • willy
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    I calm down now :slight_smile:
    But you see, this is not support, because if i in big trouble.... (this is a little problem ... only my time)
    OK forget it!
    The problem:
    Your domain-mapping plugin give possibility to map the default domain (network site domain) to another domain. If it is a subdomain like this:

    network domain:
    mapping default site from to

    If anybody make this mapping, the pro site plugin makes chekout broken. Maybe other plugins also not like to map default domain to another domain, but domain-mapping plugin enable it.
    Maybe the removing this possibility or warning for users.


  • willy
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Aaron, maybe i wrote something wrong, or you not understand this, normal user cant access domain mapping for default site (sorry if this not enough clear from my post). The WPMU version of domain mapping does not allow put map on blogid=1.
    Other mapping check maybe useful (circular mapping, or any other harmful maps)

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