pro sites payment bugs with Stripe

This is super confusing.

2016-12-14 4:42:59 pm Stripe webhook "customer.subscription.updated" received. The customer's subscription was successfully updated to cre8tives Essential: $15.00 every 3 months.

The Subscription Has Been Cancelled in Stripe
They should continue to have access until March 14, 2017.

2016-12-14 5:44:13 pm Payment failed email sent to

Payment failed. Payment received. Subscription cancelled. Subscription renewed. It's a mess. Unless Pro Sites is the Schrodinger's Cat of payment systems. As long as you don't look in the box, the subscription is both active and cancelled at the same time!

Site Access enabled. Blog ID: 129. Need answers about this... paying too much money for these plugins to have such chaos IMHO.