Pro Sites payment gateway issue


I have enabled manual payments and paypal sandbox payment gateways.

There are two issues that concern me.

1. The first one has to do with paypal sandbox. When a user completes his payment he gets redirected to a blank page

This page should display some payment status information I guess, but it is totally blank.
As you can see I have remaned "pro" to "pricing".

The new blog is created, but the level is not properly set for it :

Pro Site privileges will expire on: July 24, 2015 (Active trial)
Level: 1 - Simple
Payment Gateway: Trial

Sandbox payment was completed succesfully though...

2. My second concern has to do with manual payment. The admin receives an email with an activation key. Even after activating it the blog status remains as described above.

I was not sure if I should start separate threads for each issue, I preferred to include them in one in case they have a common solution