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Is there any other online payment method in Pro Sites other than PayPal? like 2checkout or since PayPal is not available in my country and in many other countries also.

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  • robbie_reynolds
    • Flash Drive

    It seems that this integration has been in high demand for over a year now with no official updates or further communication from WPMU. Are there any plans to integrate with WPMU Pro Sites plugin?

    PayPal is nice, but in order to offer recurring subscription billing it costs more than and you have to make sure your site and business operations are PCI compliant which is complex and costly.

  • firas80
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I totally agree @robbie. and I prefer 2Checkout since it is great. I hope WPMU Developer add these two payment gateways to Pro Sites “2CO and”. It will be a great add on to this wonderful plugin, and then I can sell sites upgrades using 2CO :slight_smile:

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  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero

    Hey @aaron

    Hope all is going well :slight_smile: any news on that 2Checkout gateway. If you need a beta testing holler. Want to move away from paypal express as WHMCS won’t alllow paypal express for recurring payments only paypal standard and really don’t want to create a separate paypal account to handle that.

    Many thanks

  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero


    Its still planned but no ETA as yet unfortunately. To be honest having used 2Checkout myself I ended moving away from it as it was so expensive transaction wise, and with the bank transfer limits if dealing with a site with not too much being purchased it was too restrictive. I used the payoneer card to get round the wiret ransfer issue but when i compared the fees overall it was easier to switch to Stripe.

  • Robert
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    So I am Trying to set up Pro Sites and Domain Mapping. We Have WHMCS. We have successfully connected the domain mapping plugin and WHMCS (Which hooks into our billing vendor

    Then when I get to Payment Gateway inside Pro Sites I can Connect it to WHMCS only PayPal or stripe. Seems a bit disconnected as these are plugins recommended by WPMDEV as a way to build a site like edublog.

    I am missing something? What i mean is if someones signs up for web hosting, adds a website and a domain using your recommended plugins I have to set up various payment gateways or use non standard payment gateways. I currently use and WHMCS also supports

    Any help and direction would be great. I noticed this topic has been brought up for 3 years? Again you guys are the multi site experts so seems like this would be a higher priority?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Robert!

    In case you are using WHMCS, the WHMCS should take care of all the billings/accounting. However, since this thread is already very old, could you please start a separate one?

    You may start your own support ticket here:

    Please describe your setup in details (including the way you integrated WHMCS to your site – is that WHMCS WP Integration plugin or WHMCS Provisioning plugin or other way) and post your question there.

    Best regards,


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