Pro Sites Paypal Express Checkout doesn't work


I have tried to integrate the Paypal Express Checkout. The PayPal button appears but after clicking on it, the page is only refreshing and nothing happens.

I think I setup everything correctly:

Api Username

Api Pass


and IPN url

Could you please check that out, I grated the access to the website.

Best regards,


  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Damian,

    Oh, this is a bug :slight_frown: – it is because you have only 1 month payment period. I’ve change you levels to have 3 months also (but I hide period switcher) and PayPal button is working.

    I’m marking this as bug, so developer will fix this ASAP – and I will ask for quick fix for this.

    Kind regards,


  • Rupok
    • Support Ninja

    Hi There (time4novelty) & Robert

    I hope you are having a wonderful day.

    I can see that @kasia Swiderska has aleady flagged our developer and the task is already assigned to him. You will get an update as soon as we hear from our developer. So I’ll suggest you to keep all your plugins and themes updated.

    Please keep in mind that our developers work round the clock and have to deal with lots of critical issues and bugs. So it may take a little while to get the update. I really appreciate your patience.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!


  • Robert
    • New Recruit

    Before there price tables. with version of Pro Site I was using a trick with js to have a Level Preselected that I found right here in the forum. HERE!

    I use this function:


    Preselecte Level Pro Sites


    function psts_auto_select_js(){ ?><script type=”text/javascript”>jQuery(document).ready(function($) { firstOption = $(‘div.pblg-checkout-opt’:wink:.first();var values = $(‘input’, firstOption).val().split(‘:’:wink:;$(‘#psts_level’:wink:.val(parseInt(values[0]));$(‘#psts_period’:wink:.val(parseInt(values[1]));$(‘div.pblg-checkout-opt’:wink:.removeClass(‘div.opt-selected’:wink:;$(‘.level-summary’:wink:.removeClass(‘div.opt-selected’:wink:;firstOption.addClass(‘div.opt-selected’:wink:;firstOption.parent().addClass(‘opt-selected’:wink:;});</script><?php }

    function psts_add_auto_select(){



    add_action(‘psts_checkout_page_load’, ‘psts_add_auto_select’:wink:;

    But this no longer works!!

    Any ideas to make it work again?

    I know that there are users who only has one level and just want to go straight to checkout.

  • Rupok
    • Support Ninja

    Hi Robert

    Thanks a lot for sharing the resources and I really appreciate the help. Actually, when we release an update, we have to make changes over the code and that’s why, some old code doesn’t work in new versions.

    I believe, our developer can give you best idea on this. Our developer is already flagged and I’ll request him to give his valuable opinion on this here.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!


  • Rheinard
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    This should be on a different thread, but if you want similar functionality, just replace the bit of code between <script> and </script> with the following…

    jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    var period = $('.period-selector select').val().replace('price_', '') || 1;
    var has_zero_column = $('ul.psts-level-1').length > 0 ? true : false;
    var firstOption = haz_zero_column ? $('ul.pricing-column')[1] : $('ul.pricing-column')[0];

    $( firstOption ).removeClass('not-chosen-plan');
    $( firstOption ).addClass('chosen-plan');
    var level = $( firstOption ).attr('class').replace('pricing-column','').replace('chosen-plan','').replace('psts-level-','').trim()

    $('#prosites-checkout-table').attr('data-level', level);
    $('#prosites-checkout-table').attr('data-period', period);



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