Pro Sites PayPal Trial Integration

I’m using Pro Sites to run my network. I had my sites set up to have a 2 week free trial at which point the payments should start. Today was the end of that 2 week period – however I found today that instead of having the payments processed instead the PayPal profile was set up to charge them $0 today to *start* their free trial, and then they will start being charged 2 weeks from now. I checked in my set up and it seems that I have things set up correctly in Pro Sites… how do I change things so that my 2 week free trial really only gives a 2 week trial instead of a 2×2 week trial? Help! I really need to start having revenues come in to justify the time and expenses of setting up this network!

I have another ticket in about not being able to cancel payments during the trial period, and I’m wondering if that was related to the trial period not actually having been started yet as far as PayPal was concerned?