Pro Sites Plugin Fatal Error When Activating

I installed Pro Sites to my multisite install and it worked fine until I tried to configure it for Stripe. I got a fatal error message. I uninstalled the plugin and my site came back up. Now when I reinstall the plugin after deleting it from the server, I get the fatal error when I activate the plugin. No other plugins are activated except the WPMU dashboard.

Here is what I did to trouble-shoot:

1. Deactivated all other plugins
2. Deleted Pro Sites
3. Deleted Pro Sites tables from the database

My site came back up after this next, I:
4. Reinstalled Pro Sites
5. Activated Pro Sites (Got Error msg)
6. Located functions relating to the Stripe Gateway and commented them out one at a time as error references popped up. The error message went away.

It appears the plugin functions now since I can access the settings but I want a more permanent solution.

Is there a better way to correct this error?
Thanks in advance,