Pro sites plugin - forcing users to pay when signing up for a new blog

Hi, I installed your plugin and when user/member register new blog it gets redirected to the payment page /pro-blog?bid=blog_id so I would like to know what did I do wrong so members needs to buy premium membership in order to use this newly created blog instead of just using it freely?
I don't have Pay To Blog module enabled (related to this post - in fact I disabled all modules and members gets still redirected to the payment site when he/she wants to access his/her admin dashboard.

After disabling all modules when I test created a blog I was able to access it normally. It looks like the module Limit Publishing was the issue and didn't noticed any changes, because I was looking on the already created blog. Looks like if I disable some modules this does not apply on sites which were created when this module was active. It would be nice if you would fix this in later release so changes will apply for all blogs. :slight_smile: