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hello .

pro sites plugin gives us the option of pricing tables only . if i want to use free sites which is the front end editor sites . how to setup so that i can give free sites to my clients ??

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi workdekho,

    Pro Sites doesn't have any shortcodes at this time, the page is created automatically when you activate the plugin and you can find it at domain.

    If you want to change this to different page you would need to go to your main site, access your pages, remove the Pro Site page and delete it from trash as well.
    After that go back to network section, go to Pro Sites > Settings panel and in "Rebrand Pro Sites" field enter new name for your pro site page, save the settings and new page will be created.

    someone plz tell me how the upfront builder themes will be allotted after signup to evry user

    Could you please elaborate your question a bit more as I'm not sure that I understand your question?

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello workdekho!

    The Pro Sites plugin wasn't designed to be used that way. It's main goal is to let you sell sites on your network and the built-in "free" option is not created using "levels" with 0 price. If you wish to use Pro Sites that way there'd be two alternative ways to overcome this:

    1. Use Manual Payment form

    - go to "Pro Sites -> Payment Gateways -> Gateway Settings" page
    - select "Manual Payments" as Primary Gateway and "None" as Secondary Gateway
    - go to "Pro Sites -> Payment Gateways -> Manual Payments" page
    - set "Show Submission Form" to "No"
    - put some informational message in "User Instructions" field; something like "Thank you for site registration. Your site will be activated after it's approved/enabled by administrator"

    With that setup this would happen:
    - user would come to your site, select level and fill in the form
    - user would be presented with your message mentioned above
    - you, as an administrator of Network, would receive an e-mail with activation code for that new site
    - you would then use this code on "Pro Sites -> Manage Sites" page in "Activation Key" field to enable user's site

    2. Use coupon codes

    That's an alternative way and unlike the one above it would be fully automated. Instead of setting 0 price for your levels, set it to e.g. $1 but also create a 100% discount coupon. You can create such coupon on "Pro Sites -> Coupons" page.

    You could also set a manual payment gateway (just like in method 1 above) but you would want to simply display a coupon code on pricing page and ask users to make use of it. They would then select level, fill in the form and apply your 100% discount coupon. The payment would be skipped entirely and the site would be automatically activated. If somebody didn't use the coupon (e.g. they'd miss it or didn't know how to use it) you could still enable their site the same way as explained in option 1 above.

    Best regards,

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