Pro sites plugin + polylang


We have a multisite system with 4 languages.

In the main website we have the pro sites plugin and we can’t translate for example for portuguese.

We are using the poedit to create the translations. We have stored the translation file in:


We are configuring this page in portuguese but it’s not translating correctly, the first sentence:

“You must first login before you can choose a site to upgrade:”

should be “Você precisa fazer login primeiro antes de poder escolher um site para atualizar:”

We are using the polylang plugin for translations and all the plugins works fine less the pro sites plugin. Can you check for us?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Duarte,

    Hope you’re well?

    Are you copying the file to the languages folder? I have toask as you didn’t mention that above.

    Also, not sure if you’re aware, but rather than uploading your translations to the plugin languages folder (Which will be deleted whenever you update,) you can upload them to the following location instead & the wp core should then use those files.


    If those folders don’t exist already, just create them and upload your plugin translation files there, you will not have to keep re-adding them then each time you update a plugin.

    With regards to polylang though, i’m not entirely sure some of our plugins will be fully compatible, but we do try to be.

    Hope this helps

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