Pro Sites plugin + Stripe + Multisite


I am about to start my business. Using your Pro Sites plugin and multi site. I choose this configuration because Pro Sites supports Stripe. Stripe supports all kind of payment methods. Including Ideal. That’s why i choose it. I live in the netherlands. I have everything setup on the plugin and Stripe.

Now if i test the site and payments i only have Credit cards and Paypal. I don’t see any Ideal payment option!?

I really really need Ideal. Otherwise i am going to lose a lot of customers. Credit cards are not a big thing in the Netherlands. Most people i know dont even have a credit card. Paypal the same. So like i said.. I have a problem.

Is there any way to let people pay for a Pro Sites level/package with Ideal?

I really hope you guys can help me out here.

Regards, Guido