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There are some plugins I want to use so I have networked activated them but I would also like prosite users to be able to use them for their sites. Is there a way to do this? Below is two examples of what I mean.

1. I want to offer support to users who sign up to a prosite subscription so I have network activated it. The support tab now appears in their dashboard and they can raise tickets which I can manage from my network dashboard. Exactly how I want it. However, I would also like prosite users to be able to use this plugin for their site to offer support to their customers but because it is network activated, they can not site activate it.

2. The second example is the affiliate plugin. I would like to set up affiliates for prosite subscriptions. To do this I have to network activate it. But again I would like prosite subscribers to be able to use the affiliate plugin on their site so they can offer commission on stuff they sell.

  • Vaughan

    Hi Peter,

    Hope you're well?

    #1 Unfortunately this would not be possible i'm afraid, support plugin can only work at the network level on multisite, it was never intended to operate as a single site support system, it was designed more so network admins could provide support for the subsite admins on the network.

    Whilst later we did add changes to the plugin to allow it to be installed & used on single sites, to make it compatible with either subsite or network would take a lot of rewriting of the plugin & would not be easy in its current form. This is on the to do list, but I can't guarantee when or if it will be rewritten at this moment in time.

    #2 Unfortunately, this would also not be possible on a multisite, it can either work at the network level or on subsite basis i'm afraid, it can't do both.


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