Pro Sites > Post/Page/Product Quotas module can be set per level? Where can I verify the settings

Multi-part question regarding this module:

I’ve seen several threads regarding this and I’m not sure I fully understand behavior of this module. I have 5 levels – and at each level I want to set quotas for Posts / Pages / Products (all different values). Is this possible?

** I’ve read – select level, set quota, save, repeat for each level… (I wanted to verify this is accurate).

If so – where can I go to see the quotas per site (ex. with the storage quotas – I can view where each site is – 1.7mb of 10 mb).

You’re using:

5 of 10 pages

17 of 50 posts

16 of 20 products

I see the “Products Quota” dropdown, with a “Same as Pages” value (which will not allow me to select anything else). Is there something I have to trigger to make this quota different from that of the pages?