pro sites pricing table CSS field totally unstable

Just made a few dozen edits inside the Custom CSS box in the pro sites pricing table section before watching all of my code disappear. Fortunately was able to copy out the styles from the browsers inspector, so not totally lost. But should be noted that its not stable and erases edits at random.

  • Bojan Radonic

    Hey @peter_harris,

    This has already been reported to our developer and has been fixed in the development version of the plugin so you should not have these problems after the following plugin update.

    I've tested this bug and I've found that using % in the properties is removing the code. So anything like width: 100%; or height:20%; or similar that has % not only removes that code from the custom CSS box but also the rest of the code added there as well. The code is being applied and also gets removed after second save.

    Best regards,