[Pro Sites] Pro Site Plugin - customer signup flow and shortcode system similar to membership 2

Pro Sites Plugin Dev,

Are you guys ever going to improve the pro sites plugin customer signup flow?

I'm comparing this to WPultimo. Their customer signup flow is way better for UX. Is something similar going to be implemented for Pro Site in the near future?

What about a way to separate the package levels either through shortcode or post type?

Sometimes I'd like to promote a specific package level for my network but sadly it doesn't work like that. There's no way to promote individual packages without showing the rest of the packages available in pro site.

Yes, I can hide them but that doesn't make sense either....

With Membership 2 I can use shortcode to add to any page I want and I can promote that specific membership through that page.

Also, in testing WPultimo. The sub-site user also has access to important information on their dashboard such as limits and quotas, what plan they have, etc. I've added the screenshot below.


Last thing, the fact that wpultimo can limit users by visits is a must for pro site not just page and post. Pro site is so behind...

Any updates will be appreciated...