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When setting up PoSites should ALL plugins be network activated or done per site template? (NBT)
Up to date BP BBP and WPMU
Thank You!

  • Dr48

    All plugins need to be network activated first -- and then can be activated/deactivated from the individual site i.e. multisite requires plugins to be activated to begin, and then site attached (sub-sites) you then have flexibility to choose which plugins for that site -- saves having to do this on ALL sites, whilst also giving freedom to choose which sites require which plugins.

    Hope that helps.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mark Wallace

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    It's not that straightforward, I'm afraid. You need to consider two factors:

    1) Can the given plugin be activated "per site" or "network enabled" or can it only be "network enabled"?

    2) Do you want the plugin to be available for entire network or do you want to manage it via Pro Sites (make it available only for sites of selected level(s))?

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    While on single setups plugin activation is obvious thing, on Multisite plugins may behave differently, depending on activation. There are plugins that can only be network-activated and cannot be "per site" enabled and with these there's actually no question because there's only one way to go.

    But there are also plugin that might be either network-enabled or per-site enabled and depending on this they behave differently. For example: the same plugin network-enabled would be centrally managed from network-admin with the same configuration across all sites while "per site" enabled it will work like totally separate instances on each sub-site.

    Furthermore, there are also plugins that actually work the same way regardless whether they are network-enabled or per-site enabled.

    Unfortunately, there's no "rule" for this and usually you can find information about it in plugin description but if there's none, you might need to first test how the given plugin works when network-enabled and how it works when "per site" enabled.

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    With Pro Sites you got two modules for managing plugins that let you make plugins available only for sites of specific pro-site level(s). Plugins that are about to be managed this way must not be network-enabled.

    You have mentioned New Blog Templates plugin too. If you're using it with Pro Sites:
    - network-enabled plugins don't "fall under Pro Sites management" so they'll always are enabled
    - not network-enabled plugins - if you activate such plugin on a "blog template" site and a user selects that template upon signup, then it depends on a Pro Sites level the user selects (if the plugin is allowed on that level, it will be activated on a user's site; if it's not allowed for that level - it won't be available).

    Best regards,

  • Mark Wallace

    Thank you for the replies; very helpful! 8)))
    The Premium Plugin Upgrades: Say you have 20 plugins available and want to charge for $1.00 USD each plugin selected, but also want to offer ten plugins for $5.00 USD. Do i have to set up packages for each plugin and every variation for ten plugins available, or is there a simpler way to set up for the user to select any 10 of the 20 plugins?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mark Wallace

    I'm not quite sure what do you mean by "premium plugin upgrades" as the modules (Premium Plugins and Premium Plugin Manager in Pro Sites) don't work this way.

    The way it does work is that you create some levels in Pro Sites on "Pro Sites -> Levels" page and set a price for them. Then on "Pro Sites -> Premium PLugins" or "Pro Sites -> premium Plugins Manager" page (depending on which of these two modules you have activated - there can be only one of them enabled so you need to choose) you select:

    with "Premium Plugins Manager"

    - for each listed plugin (a plugin that's not network-enabled) you tick the check-boxes for levels for which these plugins should be available

    - a user that signs up for the level for which the given plugin was set to be available can then enable that plugin on his site or not (note: if you are also using New Blog Templates plugin and that same plugin was already enabled on "blog template" site which user selected upon signup - it will be automatically activated on that new site)

    with "Premium Plugins:

    - you select minimum/lowest level for each plugin on the list and that plugin will be made available for users who signed up for a new site choosing that selected level or "better" levels;
    - you can also select whether the plugin should be automatically activated on such new site or not

    - a user who signs up for a site on a level that allows the plugin or "higher" will be able to enable that plugin (the same note applies regarding NBT plugin as with "Premium Plugins Manager").

    However, in both cases it doesn't work in a way that you got a bundle of plugins and after site creation user can enable some specific number of plugins limited by price they payed but choosing from all plugins installed on site. The same way, it's not possible to set it so e.g. user can choose from 50 plugins and enable up to e.g. 10 of them (freely selecting from all of them) and then additionally pay separately for each one enabled "above the limit".

    Such sort of setup would probably be possible but it would require quite a serious custom coding. It's possible to check with code whether a given site is a pro site or a free site and if it is a pro site - what level but all the code handling such "plugin upgrades/selection" would have to be custom developed (including payment handling), I'm afraid.

    What you could, however, do would be to create "levels" that would be "bundles" of plugins. For example:

    - level A per $5 would include a selection of 20 specific (selected by you) plugins made available and user would be able to enable any of them (some, all or none - depending on user's needs)
    - level B per $10 would include the same 20 plugins as level A + additional 10 selected by you (again, user can activate any of them, none or just some of them)
    - level C per $20 would have all the plugins made available.

    So, the selection on level A and B is limited (by you - to specific plugins) and level C provides access to all plugins available on setup. With Pro Sites site admin can upgrade site level at any time so if e.g. admin of "level A" site decides that he/she want's to use plugin that's only available for "level B" or "level C" - they can upgrade, thus gaining access to more plugins.

    Additionally, there's a "Premium Support" module where for a given price sites admins may request your assistance. With a bit of "creative description" you could actually use it so site admins could request activation of some specific (not available for them) plugin on their site, what you - as a super-admin - can always do manually regardless of Pro Sites limitations :slight_smile:

    Kind regards,

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