Pro Sites Registration

Ok so I'm going to be utilizing Pro Sites for an exciting new platform for non-profits. It's fantastic and saves me thousands of dollars and probably a few hundred hours of development time! So thanks for that!

I was wondering if it would be possible to make some changes to it/features in regards to the registration portion. Currently, it looks like you sign up for a new site on the front-end, but then manage your subscription and enter all your payment information on the backend. It would be extremely helpful and a better UX for my customers if they could handle all of their credit card/payment information as they signup for their site. So the registration page/pages for adding a site in WordPress would look like this - - instead of the out of the box registration that WordPress currently uses, and then the user then has to add and setup on the backend via Pro Sites.

Please let me know the ramifications and possibilities of this! It would be of great help if it were possible!