Pro Sites - Registration - need to show correct Admin URL using iThemes

I just installed iThemes security to test the site to avoid using the wp-admin.php.

Things work fine I can login using main site and properly. Also tested that works fine.

But when testing registering a new site, the Confirmation Page gives me the following.
Your login details are:
Username: usertest1
Password: abcdefghij
Admin URL: need to use new /new-admin-url/

I see in the /pro-sites/pro-sites-files/lib/ProSites/View/Front/Gateway.php
$blog_admin_url = admin_url();
$content .= '
' . esc_html__( 'Admin URL: ', 'psts' ) . '' . esc_html__( $blog_admin_url ) . '</p>';

Is there any way that I can make this change without doing it in the plugin? So it can be upgraded when there is a new release. I have Child Themes setup, just not sure how to do this with the plugin.