Pro Sites Reseting Itself


I've mentioned this before but can't find the thread, but it's just happened again. Pro Sites has lost all settings apart from the level names and current subscriptions. I'm now having to re-input all the pro plugins/themes etc which will take me over an hour or two. It's not happened for a while but I think I've narrowed it down to a certain type of plugin that could be causing the issue, pretty sure it's security based plugins. At this current time I have WordFence installed, I just updated it and then Pro Sites lost the settings - possibly a coincidence, but previously I had other solutions like Better WordPress Security installed which could have also caused it.

There's isn't a hook that could be called that would reset anything is there, anything I need to avoid in the future to stop this happening? Causing me a considerable amount of work each time it resets, considering backing up the wp-options table entries to restore next time.