Pro Sites set-up

Hi, my objective is to create a multisite platform for client sites with a range of custom feature add-ons. I like the description of Pro Sites but this will be my first multisite development. I would like to know if Pro Sites is ready to go from installation or is there significant set-up and customization needed?

Any feedback you can offer would be appreciated.

  • Brandon
    • Recruit

    Hi Chuck,

    The configuration is pretty straightforward. I only defined one level. Would be more time consuming if you have multiple site levels and restrictions on functionality per level. Even then, the setup seems to be pretty straightforward. I would suggest spinning up a throw away instances and playing around first. I did this a couple of times and just played with all the features. I was new to Multisite too at the time and found learning multisite more challenging.

    Good luck!

  • Michelle
    • Staff

    Hello, Chuck.

    In the beginning, it can be a little overwhelming. We offer a great Multisite Course at the WPMU DEV academy to get you up and running. Please follow this link – and check it out.

    You will learn about setting up a Multisite properly and which plugins to use. We cover plugins like Pro Sites for example and best of all you can ask for advise or clarification too.

    Hope to see you in the academy.



  • Chuck
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thank you for sharing this infomration.

    I am very concerned about Pro Sites and the following two support posts:


    Is there an issue where the future software updates over-write settings?


    Is there a work around for Free offers to not require a credit card in Pro Sites?

  • Joel James
    • Developer

    Hey Chuck,

    Thank you for choosing Pro Sites :slight_smile: As Coffeegeek mentioned, the configuration for Pro Sites is pretty straightforward.

    1) We couldn’t find any other reports about this issue yet and we couldn’t reproduce this on our end. This might be a conflict with another plugin. Please let us know if you are able to reproduce this.

    2) Currently, Pro Sites plans do not support 0 price plans. For that we have a basic free site registration feature is available. You can enable that in Pro Sites settings. Supporting 0 price plans are already on our feature request list :slight_smile: Unfortunately, there are no proper workarounds available for this right now, because this needs some code changes to handle upgrades and payments.



  • Chuck
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thank you for following-up on this post.

    Can you give me some descriptive example as to (how a Subscriber would transition from the “Basic free site registration feature” > to the first Paid tier)?

    Would the added feature work seamlessly?

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