Pro Sites Settings definitions.

Can anyone give me a good explanation of these two settings in Pro Sites > Settings?

1. Checkout Permissions [Administrator] [Editor]

2. Signup on Checkout (Disables WordPress Signup)

What is the difference between having them check and unchecked?
What does each of them do?

I have looked around and there isn't very much detailed information on Pro Sites. Just basic how to and nothing at all except maybe a small blurb about the two above.


  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey again Jason,

    Happy to help with this :slight_smile:

    1. Checkout Permissions [Administrator] [Editor]

    This lets you decide whether Admins and/or Editors can use the Pro Sites checkout. So if you want to allow Editors of a site to upgrade a site too then you can. That way both the admin and the editor would have the permissions to go through the checkout and purchase a pro level.

    2. Signup on Checkout (Disables WordPress Signup)

    Checking this option means the default /wp-signup.php page will no longer be used and instead new sites can be created on Pro Sites checkout page. So to create a new blog you would now go to: /pro-site/?action=new_blog

    This also means that users will be presented with the payment plans right on sign up so they can select a pro level right away :slight_smile:

    If you leave this option unchecked, then users will sign up for a site through the normal /wp-signup.php of a multisite and can upgrade their site after signed up.

    Hope this helps! Any further questions just let us know.


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