Pro Sites - Specific Price options? Renewals, Setups, etc?

Its been a while since i have stopped by.

I have a network that is currently running pro sites, but everyone is manual because I cant restrict options, setup fees, etc. Has any of this changed?

Currently, I am selling a
X per year Hosting
X+Y (hosting plus one year setup), renews at X
and Coupons.

So what im doing is gravity forms for paypal integration. We can create multiple products for a cart, for example, I can use a Subscription option and add an "extra" option for the setup. Coupons dont actually apply to predefined prices, but instead change the options in cart, etc etc.

So now my problem is, like any good webhost, I wish to nickel and dime them. I would love to have 5 extra levels on top of the pro site, more space, more themes, etc etc etc. But I dont want all that at checkout.

Plus last time around, there wasnt a simple way to charge setup fees with pro sites.

Has this changed, or is much the same?
(its still a great plugin, I am just going to have a hell of a time remembering who paid what in a year)