Pro Sites Statistics Direction or Feature Request

NOTE: If my request is not possible, please feel free to move this topic to Feature Requests.

Statistics for Pro Sites subscribers and terms are great, but there appears to be a vital component lacking. How can we easily view or export all subscribers? Is there anyway to view the actual sites, users and associated email addresses for all Pro Sites?

The Stats page displays the total Pro Sites, levels and terms, but I can't find a way to view the actual sites and users. The Manage Sites page does show the Level for applicable Pro Sites, but that column cannot be sorted to show only Supporters (that's what we call them).

It seems the only way to find email addresses for Pro Site subscribers is to manually scroll through ALL sites, and click the manage link. I can think of various scenarios where it would be beneficial to find user data for Supporter sites. For instance, we would currently like to send out announcements and special offers to all our Supporters via a MailChimp list. The only way to build this list, however, is to manually search all sites, or review all PayPal transaction emails.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks for the consideration!