Pro-sites - Still not getting it

I've asked quite a few questions on the forum about Pro sites but I'm afraid I am still getting completely confused about it.

If I tell you what I want and how it should work can someone guide me please, I've read all of the tutorials, spent hours looking through the forums and have come away even more confused.

So the site should work like this:

People sign up they have a choice:


So 3 levels, now people talk about Pro-sites already giving a free level, well how do I configure this as the Free level is to have limited actions from the seller and Pro levels.

I just want it to work and after trying for 2 months, yes 2 months!! I am about to scream :0(

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    Greetings puregoldmarketing,

    When you initially setup Pro Sites it comes already with a free level, nothing to create it is already there.

    The purpose of levels are to control resources of the host system such as plugins, themes, and disk space.

    Plugin and theme resources are controlled using settings within the Premium Plugins and Premium Themes sections. You can get to these controls by being logged into the network admin dashboard and going to --> Pro Sites --> and the applicable Premium Plugins or Premium Themes settings.

    Within Premium Plugins the plugins are directly controlled by what level is assigned to them and all lower levels of the assigned level have access as well.

    The access level of "none" means that no sub sites have access to that particular plugin, but the network admin and main site have access to the plugin.

    Access level of "anyone" means that all levels have access to the plugin including Free members.

    Now lets add some levels. Level one and level two and four plugins - plugins 1, 2, 3, 4 and they are assigned in the following manner:

    Plugin 1 - none
    Plugin 2 - anyone
    Plugin 3 - level one
    Plugin 4 - level two

    In the example above Plugin one cannot be accessed by anyone but the network admin - not to be confused with site admins.

    Plugin 2 can be accessed by anyone - the free level included.
    Plugin 3 assigned to level one can be accessed by level 1 and all levels ABOVE level one, in this case level two.
    Plugin 4 can only be accessed by level two and above, but since we do not have any other levels above level two in this example we could accurately say accessible only by level two.

    This same type of hierarchy applies to themes as well via the Premium theme selection within the Pro Sites menu selection.

    Level creation is accomplished via being logged into the network admin dashboard and going to --> Pro Sites --> Levels

    This is where one would create levels with the exception of the free level which already exists as a default level. The levels are created here and there relative pricing structure.

    Once the levels and pricing have been established on in this Pro Sites menu selection it is time to move on to the final level settings.

    Now you want to cruise on over to Pro Sites --> Settings menu selection and scroll down to the Upload Quota section where you will find the levels you created above listed and the ability to assign disk space via the drop down box for each level.

    There are some miscellaneous options for assigning levels too in this section and they work the same as in the hierarchy system mentioned above.

    Now that we have covered creating levels to include level pricing, assigning privileges to levels i.e. plugin and theme privileges, disk space quotas for levels, now it is time to get to the payment gateways and set them up so you can get paid or get the funds submitted by your new paying subscribers.

    All that is necessary here is to setup the payment gateway and when a member is presented with or chooses upgrading from free to a paid level for whichever level they choose, they will be charged for the amount we previously setup for the applicable level above.

    Please advise if this helps clarify the way Pro Sites works and present any further questions you may have - we are here to help.

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

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