Pro Sites Storage Limitations, I need to offer more storage than 100GB

Hey Team,

I have just added a new level to my prosites network and wanted the storage space to be 200GB, but on the settings page it appears to be limited to 100GB.

#1) Is there a filter hook available to add my own custom storage limits?

If there is not filter hook, where can I hack this in?

#2) Shouldn’t this be a simple input field in MB, or an additional select box for MB/GB? That would be much more flexible.

As an aside, I absolutely hate hacking your plugins. Please consider adding more filters and create a “REAL” API that your sales language boasts of… I don’t mean to complain, I love the core of a handful of your plugins, but it’s just such a pain to hack them all the time and deal with the management of updates.

Still love all your hard work :slight_smile: