Pro Sites - Stripe changed subscription payment

I just got a complaint from Pro Sites' user that her last payment had increased $20. Her monthly subscription should be $29.99 but she was charged this month $49.99. Note, we did have a Pro-Sites pricing change in September to 39.99 but this should not have impacted an existing subscription.

  • Panos

    Hi antKat ,

    You mean that after you changed the price of the level, Stripe charged more?

    When first payment is made, Stripe creates a Customer and a Subscription for that customer. You can see the stripe subscriptions here:

    Stripe also creates Plans based on the levels created on Pro Sites. When updating the price of the level it updates the price in the associated Plan on stipe. It does not update the Price on existing subscriptions though.

    Only way to achieve that is by setting manually a new Plan for that subscription in:

    You can go there from the subscriptions page:
    and click on Edit Subscription:

    So Pro Sites should not have changed that price there for that customer.

    Could you please check for that Subscription on Stripe Dashboard what price does it say and how much did it charge?

    Could you also provide blog id that this happened so we can have a look on that site's payment log?


  • antKat

    Hi Panos, thank you for your reply. First I want to confirm that I do not want existing subscribers subscriptions to change with new Pro Sites pricing changes. So this part appears to be consistent with Pro Sites core functionality.

    The problem that I believe may have happened for this site #827 is that the credit card on file for Stripe had expired. Stripe tried to process and failed. Subscriber goes to her Pro Sites dashboard and there is not a link to just update credit card. In order to get to credit card info, you must first click on the "Choose Plan" button. However, the plan showing in the form is the new pricing, not her old pricing. She entered her new credit card number but then ended up being charged the new pricing. I refunded the difference and created a coupon in Stripe dashboard for future payments.

    This takes a lot of babysitting! Hopefully her next payment will be correct.
    I believe what may avert this from happening in the future would be for a separate button for updating the credit card info. The following link is the payment data from Stripe:

  • antKat

    Thanks for your response. The payment correctly processed today with the coupon that I added in the Stripe back-end.

    Please add the Credit Card update to the requested feature list. Also, I have found multiple times that when a credit card is denied, the Pro Sites application does not bring back this information to the user. After the rejection, the page just resets. The subscriber then assumes they need to try again and of course the same thing happens. Feature request to provide the denial notice back to subscriber so that they can either use a different card or call their bank.

  • antKat

    Hi. I just had another site needing to change credit card information and Stripe changed the payment to the new plan instread of keeping her at her current payment. Ugh! I was able to create a special coupon in the back end of Stripe but this is not good. Having a separate link to just update credit card without needing to "Select a Plan" first would most likely help to resolve this and it would be a much better user experience!

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