Pro Sites Stripe Refund Bug

I am getting an error where it allows me to refund the stripe payments and cancel stripe subscriptions of unrelated sites when in Pro Sites, network admin

Example, my stripe payment was made on site 133; under a different username (outside of network admin).

If i go into pro sites for any site, in the MODIFY PRO SITE STATUS (bottom left hand) it gives me option to cancel/refund. If i refund, it will issue the refund for site 133; but continue giving me the refund radio button. Further attempts to refund will result in error.

In the top boxes of "Subscription information" "Subscriber information" - it is blank, with message of other gateway (when looking at the unrelated sites)

However, when I go to site 133, it does show the subscription cancel and the refund. And The subscriber information.

The only strange thing is in the subscriber info - it gives me the name of my admin login. However, payment logs on stripe show the email address of the account admin of 133

I will try to purchase again, outside of admin and see if the bug repeats.