Pro Sites – Stripe, Trail, Receipt and Transaction Details $0


I’ve setup Stripe as payment for my WPMU site. I offer 14 days trial. When the user upgrade his account he gets receipt with $0 amount.

I understand it’s because of trail mode and he will be charged after trail period, but in the receipt there is nothing about future charges and following information under transaction details:

Current Plan: PrimePager

Payment Method: Stripe

Payment Term: Every 1 Month(s)

Transaction/Invoice #: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Transaction/Invoice Date: 2015-10-08

Transaction Details:

PrimePager: Monthly $0

Total: $0

I think it’s very confusing, it looks like the user has purchased monthly plan for $0 dollar, but the plan actually costs $15. There is also no information about future transactions.

Is this plugin designed to work like that or I need to change something under email notification settings?

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