Pro Sites Subscribers Sites Disabled - Still No Resolution

Two weeks ago I reported a serious problem with Pro Sites expiring PAID subscription sites. As far as I can tell, the support given wasn't actually related to the problem.

Once again a subscribed, paid member of my network has been blocked out of his site. Folks, this is a serious issue that really impacts my business and angers customers. Please resolve this.

March 15, new site created. (Reported in the Pro Sites admin area as March 16.)
March 15, payment is made.
March 15, subscription is initiated.
April 16, next payment is made.
April 16, Pro Site status withdrawn.

The only difference between this time and last time is that the first time I reported this, the payment itself showed up in the Pro Sites "Account History" before the status withdrawal. This time it does not show up, even though payment WAS made.

PLEASE help resolve this before I have continued system failures.