Pro Sites Upgrade Issue … Again

Ok. So I have a post over at but I am not getting any answers. I originally asked over week ago about a problem that I do not think I should have with this plugin.

The issue is that I have pro-sites network enabled and chose Stripe as my gateway and I have a sandbox account and I have test sites. When I take one of my test sites through the process of signing up for a “Gold” membership with pro-sites using a test credit card I am given cofirmation that payment was successful.

I can see in Stripe where payment came in for that site, when I manage that site in the network/dashboard I can see information being passed to my site from Stripe, however the site will not upgrade unless I do it manually (Stripe accepts payment, creates an ID for the site and passes to my multisite, but the child site is not update or put onto “Gold” automatically.

I have no problem sharing more screenshots of exactly what my settings are as long as someone is willing to help me out with my issue.