Pro Sites user can't re-register


I have a user who broke off the sign up process before payment, now she can't complete sign-up and payment. The system says she is already registered but without a plan?

FYI this is a payment only system with not trial.

I removed her as a user and told her to try again but this is what she gets now:

Setup your site

That username is currently reserved but may be available in a couple of days.
(Must be at least 4 characters, letters and numbers only.)

Email Address:
That email address has already been used. Please check your inbox for an activation email. It will become available in a couple of days if you do nothing.

We send your registration email to this address. (Double-check your email address before continuing.)

Your Site:
That site is currently reserved but may be available in a couple days.

Site Title:

Privacy: Allow search engines to index this site.
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I don't understand what the problem is - there is no site in the system for her - only the user which I deleted.

How do we solve this?
I have given support access should it be necessary.