Pro Sites, users are often paying twice for their subscription

Hi There,
On multiple occasions over the last year, I have had clients sign up for a site with prosites and pay me twice for it. For gaes I couldn't figure out why, however, I've put it down to the account (checkout) area not being clear as to what users can do, and have already done.

The flow seems to be that users will select the plan they want, go through the checkout process and they are straight away (at least in my case) returned to their account overview page - the page where they could change plans, cancel plans, request a reciept etc.

The propblem here is that I think my users are getting redirected back here and assuming that, because there ability to select a subscription is still there, their payment hasn't gone through (I know it says change plans, but it seems most people aren't reading that!).

So I'm wondering, do you know if there are plans to revamp the accountcheckout area of prosites in the near future, and can you give any estimates on when the new release might be ready....and perhaps what we can expect.

    • Samuel

      Hey @Jude,
      Thanks for your reply. I think what I'm envisioning is slightly more complex than a simple hack up script. Basically I think the whole user account/checkout area needs revamping into sections so as to make it more intuitive, for instance something like this:

      Your Account Overview:
      - Site info
      - Links to site and to dashboard
      - Profile info (icluding ability to change password & email address)
      - Last payment info
      - Next payment info

      Payment/Billing Options:
      - Update card info (if paying by stripe)
      - Resend receipt
      - Cancel Account

      - Checkout page where users can upgrade/downgrade their subscription

      That's off the top of my head, but something as basic as that would make the user area seem a lot ore intuitive and lead to less misunderstandings like duplicate payments being made, or users being unsure of where they have been redirected to after payment.

      Do you think anything like this will be available in coming releases?

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