Pro Sites w/ Stripe payment sucessfull but site did not upgrade

I have pro sites configured with stripe. A customer created free site then upgraded. The payment was successful but the site did not upgrade.

The log says…

This logs basically every action done in the system regarding the site for an audit trail.

2013-08-06 12:36:50 am Expired email sent to ***email address***

2013-08-06 12:36:49 am Pro Site status has been withdrawn.

2013-08-06 12:29:27 am Signup success email sent to ***email address***

2013-08-06 12:29:26 am User creating new subscription via CC: Subscription created (RelayBuilder Pro+: $249.00 USD every 12 months) – Customer ID: cus_2KddbMghTbYcJ9