Pro Sites want to charge for creating free site

I have installed prosites and am having difficulty setting it up. It seems to want to charge a credit card for a free site. Could someone help me set this up? My goal is to have a user be able to sign up for a free website, pick an upfront template and edit in the browser.
I also really screwed up the site by adding an upfront template that I was going to modify, but now it looks crazy

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Bee1,

    I hope you're well today!

    I was also able to replicate the Pro Sites payment issue on my test setup. I checked the bug report that my colleague Rupok mentioned during your live chat session and I also found another one that's not exactly the same but quite similar.

    That being said, I've already informed Pro Sites lead developer about this and he'll look into it, in search for a fix. I'm not able to give you an ETA but I'm sure he'll be able to provide a fixed update.

    There's, however, a free level built into the plugin so you might try it instead for the time being.

    Best regards,

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