Pro Sites: Went through walkthroughs and cannot access "Your Account/Upgrade" Page

Hey guys –

I currently have a multisite system set up ( It is a leased-content website where new “blogs” can be registered and re-branded using a control panel I created. The system is working great, except I have to manually set up the sites, and we have to keep track of payments elsewhere.

This is where Pro-Sites fits in, except I must be missing a piece somewhere. I have set up a few sites with my different levels of access (manually through the backend) and the access levels are working just fine for each of those sites.

The issue lies in the automated piece of this.

I have gone through both of the below sites, following all their steps, and nothing has changed. Whenever I click on the “Upgrade” or “Your Account” in the black, WordPress top-navigation bar it brings me to the “Check Out” page that Pro Sites automatically created upon activating the plugin. That page is 100% blank (it has neither a shortcode in it nor any content – I assume I should be seeing this page: I’ve tried removing that generic “Checkout” page and having the plugin re-create it in hopes that content or a shortcode would appear for users to register, but that did not happen.

I assume I am missing a step somewhere on accident. Maybe someone on here can guide me in the right direction who has done this a few times. Thanks!