[Pro Sites] Where does user access "premium support"?

Hi, maybe I am missing something obvious, but... how does the end-user access the "premium support" option?

I have enabled that for some levels and do not see it anywhere. I though a link to that support email would appear in the left side in the dashboard, under the new You Account menu item. Nothing is there. Looked everywhere else too...

Any ideas?

  • Strategerizer

    Ooooh, I see what is going on. It is indeed under the Your Account menu item but really hard to discover. I remember being somewhat surprised that the menu item did not seem to act like the others - to expand when clicked - since clicking it would simply load some page from the front-end.

    Upon a little investigation I see that because clicking on the main menu will automatically launch the first sub-menu and since that loads the signup front-end page, the customer likely never sees the rest of the menu items. I, like probably many other users, navigate the dashboard subsections by clicking the main item, having the main item corresponding page load on the right and the sub-menu load on the left. There are probably some users which may click on the little down-arrow that appears on hover but I bet they are a minority.

    I am sorry but this is really not good! Particularly since the little down-arrows in the UI, signifying drop-down, appear only on hover. It is too easy for anyone to miss. I've worked with WP for over a year and I missed it, let alone noobs.

    PLEASE find a way around this behavior. Can't even say this is a feature request, I would argue it is a UI related bug. The simplest way, I think, is to have the "Your Account" to load some page inside the dashboard, so the submenu expands and the page on the right may show something... whatever (I think a content from a page we control would be great, so we can customize a main message for the user)

    Thanks for listening.

  • Mason

    Hiya Strategerizer,

    The 'Your Account' menu item works exactly the same way as any other menus in the admin on all my test sites - clicking the down arrow reveals the items available below and clicking the actual menu words takes you to the first sub-page.

    This is actually changing in WordPress 3.3 so that hovering over a top-level menu item will display a menu of the options available and can be clicked (as opposed to the current dropdown arrow).

    So, while your issue is valid, it is one that's default to the WordPress UI and is, fortunately I think, being addressed in the next version.


  • Strategerizer

    Thanks for the quick reply. I understand that the behavior of the UI is theoretically the same. What makes it bad usability in this particular scenario, IMHO, is the fact that the default action for the menu is to load a page that takes the user away from the back-end. This is different than any other WP menu and this particular behavior is what will make the submenus pretty much unreachable for many people.

    Have not seen yet the new WP UI to verify if this will completely alleviate this issue. I just think it is bad for the default action to take the dashboard away and so to hide the submenu expansion. If the WP 3.3 menu does not get expanded instantaneously, it is likely users can/will still miss the submenus if they quickly click on the main menu...

    Am I able to sway you at all on this? Do you see how a user that simply clicks in the middle of the Pro Sites menu button/tab may never be aware that the menu expands and there are sub-menus there?

  • Mason


    To the issue of the plugin taking you to the front-end vs. staying in the admin, I'll mention this to the developer and see what he thinks. Possibly we can provide the ability to show it either place in a future revision, but Aaron will have to respond to that.

    As to the default WordPress UI, I think the 3.3 version of WordPress does solve the 'hidden menu' issue. However, if you take a look and find it isn't what you're looking for, you'll want to take that over to wordpress.org (that's why WordPress is a community project afterall) or perhaps take a look at our Easy Blogging plugin which has a module for Pro Sites built-in.


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