Pro-Sites with a public face and members-only section

Hi Everyone,

I am still a little green with WP – I am using the Pro Sites plug in to create a network of sites and would like some suggestions on the best way to attack it. Here is the goal:

To have a network of independent sites with a free option and a paid option. Free would give the customer a public site, the paid would grant the customer a members only section behind which would site events, calendar, discussion, postings, etc.. Think of these like baseball teams where the free option could talk about their team, sponsors, roster, and other information they see fit. The paid option would allow members of the team (closed membership approved and entered by the captain) to see the rest of the information and interact with each other. I would like the team to pay an annual fee, as opposed to individual members.

I have experimented with BuddyPress briefly and it seems to have a couple of shortcomings:

1) it seems to allow access to all of the other sites within the network, or at least makes them visible

2) I don’t know if it can keep membership closed

3) I’m sure more that I haven’t come across yet

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Can you offer suggestions on how to accomplish this the best?

I look forward to your replies.