Pro Sites with legacy payment systems

i would like to configure a Wordpress multisite installation to use both Pro Sites and a legacy payment system.
Do you think it's possibile to configure Pro Sites to manage only a part of the sites of my network or i have to use two Wordpress multisite installations?

Any help will be appreciated


    Tom Eagles


    You would need to customise the checkout page to include the legacy gateway, you would obviously need to code the gateway, you could base it on the paypal one. This should allow both options on the same page.I dont think its going to be possible to seperate parts of it however i will tag the developer for feedback on this for you.



    Thanks for the support Tom!
    My problem in fact is not to create an another payment gateway, but to manage the sites purchased with the Pro Sites gateway using Pro Sites and the sites purchased with the legacy gateway using the legacy payment system.
    I don't know if the two payment systems can work together without having any problems

    Here is my scenario:

    Users coming from the page: http://www.mywpsite/payment-page?origin=customer1 -> Checkout page with the Pro Sites gateway. The sites purchased with this gateway will be managed using Pro Sites.
    Users coming from the page: http://www.mywpsite/payment-page?origin=customer2 -> Checkout page with the legacy gateway. The sites purchased with this gateway will be managed using the legacy payment system.


    You can't have pro sites manage only some sites, unless they are in a separate network (multinetwork install).

    Probably you would do an integration, 2 options there. You can filter the response of is_pro_site() function dynamically via your other system to give pro status to legacy sites.

    Or you can do a deeper integration that calls the extend function on sub payments and actually functions similar to a custom gateway.

    All this will require coding skills though, best of luck!


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