Pro Sites with Spirit theme

Spent days trying to fix pro sites and as it goes am really fed up, everything is supposed to be 100% compatible were well it seems that it is not, I changed to a WPMUDEV theme as things were not working with another theme from another provider and yet still problems.

Descriptions in Pricing tables if emptied can not be double clicked to rewrite them.
The pricing tables even using the default Spirit theme was a mess.
We signed up with your 100% guaranteed to work and yet many of your addons are not really compatible with each other 100% at all.

We subscribed to save time not waste it and yes I am grumpy and peeved and I'll have to wait for your reply to even continue.

I have removed network disabled and reinstalled Pro Sites, that was fun as the dashboard still thought it was there so I had to download and upload it manually yawn, only to find that even though the uninstall says data removed it does not remove it...

Now I am having a meeting with the rest of the staff whom should be setting up user accounts now, and then testing the pro site upgrades and it does not work...

All I was trying to do was get the pricing tables aligned, I mean come on 100% compatible should mean the CSS works on one of your themes that has not been edited at all right?

So Issue one to reiterate.
NO descriptions on Pricing tables they can't be edited as they are blank and can't be double clicked.

Issue two Pricing tables don't align with your Spirit theme but do with 2017 default them woot!

Issue three
How to get the subscribe to news letter looking like the default spirit theme?
and not the mess that it is?

Issue four
How to display the shopping cart on all store pages and not just on the products page?

Issue five
How do I make a simple link to open the pop up chat?

Issue six
Enabling prostitutes gave a chat error, so I had to disable the chat plugin:

We are only using 100% WPMUDEV only on a fresh install on subdomain multisite, I don't even know if subsites work yet I haven't got that far although wild card is enabled.

I am on the third reinstall of the entire site now after configuring your plugins and reading how to's I am coming to the conclusion they just don't work, we are hosted on a VPS.