Does anybody already done the update to Wordpress 4.8 with PRO SITES plugin ? Is Pro Sites fully compatible ? There's new hooks in this version regarding the multisite part, i would like to be sure than PRO SITES is fully compatible with the new 4.8
Any troubles ?

New Hooks

deleted_blog fires after a site has been deleted. See #25584
signup_site_meta filters site meta in wpmu_signup_blog(). See #39223
signup_user_meta filters user meta in wpmu_signup_user(). See #39223
minimum_site_name_length filters the minimum number of characters that can be used for new site signups. See #39676

Network-specific site and user count control
get_blog_count(). See #37865.
get_user_count(). See #37866.
wp_update_network_site_counts(). See #37528.
wp_update_network_user_counts(). See #40349.
wp_update_network_counts(). See #40386.
wp_maybe_update_network_site_counts(). See #40384.
wp_maybe_update_network_user_counts(). See #40385.
wp_is_large_network(). The filter wp_is_large_network now passes the network ID as fourth parameter as well. See #40489.