Pro User Level


Presently, the 'is_pro_user' API doesn't take into account any level to check against. It would be a great enhancement to add this additional argument.


  • asimetrick
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Phil.

    I totally agree about the level of a blog (the 'is_pro_site' function does the job very well), but there's nothing like this for a user (meaning: has the user a blog with at least that level).

    As a solution, the goal could be achieved by storing the max level of the user's pro blogs instead of the current flag in the 'psts_user' cache usermeta (lines 919 to 926 of 'pro-sites.php') and checking the additional argument's value against that max level's value instead of the flag's (line 899). Of course, the additional would remain optional.


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