Problem! getting a 500 error message. Is it me?


Sorry, but this is not a good start to the 14 day trial :slight_frown:

I seem to be having difficulty getting the plugins I want to work properly. I haven't even used any of them yet. I have a fresh site installed, no content yet. Not a multisite. I am just installing and activating some plugins that I want and one of your themes. However, I seem to be getting a server error (500) every now and then. It's hard to recreate the problem. After the error, I can't access my wp-admin. I end up having to delete the last plugin or theme that I installed from the server side (cPanel), then just try again. The only other plugin I have activated not from you guys is WPML. I have other sites on the same server with no issue (not using any of your plugins).

MarketPress is one in particular that I seem to be having issues with. There is a error as soon as I click "Activate". Then, I need to delete it from my server in order to have access to the WP Dashboard. Same with the Parrot theme.

This is getting annoying!
Any ideas on what the problem can be?


  • Nastia

    Hello blizzardman

    I hope you are doing well today!

    The 500 error is generated from the server, it not always specific to WordPress. In WordPress situataion there are two reasons of this error:
    - Corrupted .htaccess file
    - PHP memmory limit

    First, rename yout .htaccess file to .htaccess_old wish is located in your main directory. After this schange try to login again to your site and navigate to Settings > Permalinks and click on Save Changes to reset the permalinks.

    If the resetting permaloinks will not solve this issue, then you will have to increase PHP memory limit. Open the wp-config.php file and put th efollowing code inside:

    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M');

    If you still hetting this error, then you will have to add the following lone to php.ini file:

    For more information, please check this arcticle:

    If you still can't activate the MarketPress plugin, then it must be a conflict with another plugin that is activated on your installation.

    Before activating the Marketpress , please deactivate all the plugins on your site. If everything is well, activate one plugin at the time to find out which one is causing this issue.

    Follow th eflowchart from our manual:

    Let us know how it went!


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