problem getting membership 2 to accept a registration

This is a single site with membership 2, buddy press and cmanswerspro. I have loaded each plugin on, tested it before I add anything else on, so I don't believe there are plugin conflicts. I have set the 4 separate memberships to all be free for now, because I am using a temporary domain name and don't want to create a new recurring payment in paypal with the wrong domain. I know my problem is how I am interpreting your directions for membership, because I have reviewed them a million times. Everything looks great for registration. It looks like it should work. And yet, when I log out as admin and try to create a registration, it doesn't work. I fill in the required fields, hit the submit button and it just returns me back to the page with all fields intact except for passwords. I try different passwords and lengths to no avail. Please help! I have enabled support access. Also, I currently have an "under construction" plugin activated. Thanks in advance! iempoweru